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Start dancing to the beat of your own drum

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Create the life you want, start playing by your rules and feeling in control of your situation…

  • Turn your creative/music project into your business
  • Make a career jump to start working in an environment that’s more in tune with the real you
  • Start doing it yourself (D.I.Y) – going it alone and working for yourself


focusing the creative mind

Creative Life/ Business Coaching helps you to become more focused and creative with your life and your business, so you can make the necessary changes to start doing the things you really want to do and  dancing to the beat of your own drum as you work towards a more productive & creative independent lifestyle on your terms.

It’s not easy trying to get out of your head sometimes, working on your own or not having the opportunity to talk or go through things with anyone or having the right person to talk to who’s not directly involved in your life.

My role is to support you through the process and help you to transition, kick ass and ultimately, to get the best the best of you!  It’s your movie, so I’m going to help and give you the tools to start directing it and become the star of the show….

Bring D.I.S.C.O (direction, inspiration, success, confidence, optimism) into your life…

Creative Business Coaching

Disco – My coaching programme and the benefits to you…

Direction  – More flow & Rhythm

Look at your key priorities in order to define your destination and the path to your destination with clear areas of focus

The only way is up!

Inspiration – Start jazzing things up

Explore all ideas/possibilities to create a realistic workable action plan, which will help make you be more organised and give you a clearer vision


Success – Hitting the right notes

Start to be productive and determined as you become responsible for validating actions.  Gain valuable insights and learn how to work better through the roller coaster of ups & downs and bust through your blocks.  Feel inspired as your ideas come to life and really happen. 

Harder, better, faster!

Confidence – Send better vibrations

Help to build your confidence.  Recognise your talents & strengths and appreciate your uniqueness so you start believing in your potential. Review and Improve your style of communication. 

I’m coming out!

Optimism – Change your tune

Change the mindset to be more open minded and to feel positive and prepared as you continue on your journey now on the road to somewhere and dancing to the beat of your own drum.  


Sounds good.  I offer 3 packages

disco taster

1 month

3 sessions

includes 1 intensive session

pre-coaching questionnaire


disco feeling

3 months

6 sessions

includes 1 intensive session

pre-coaching questionnaire

workable action plan

personalised resources/exercises


whole disco experience

6 months

12 sessions

includes 1 intensive session

pre-coaching questionnaire

workable action plan

personalised resources/exercises

ongoing online support throughout the duration of the programme



  • “Suzanne has been coaching me for over five months, which has proven to be an enlightening experience in many aspects. She enabled me to clarify my ideas by setting myself goals which will help me make the right choices both in my personal and professional life.  I appreciate Suzanne’s authenticity, dedication y and her practical intelligence. Her attentive listening and paraphrasing skills helped me re-focus on what is important for me.  I feel a strong mental and cultural connection with Suzanne, and feel that we share similar values. I am feeling valued and understood with her, which motivates me to keep on pushing further emotional values.

    I am looking forward to keep on working with Suzanne – it is incredibly energizing to discover talents in oneself!”

    Nicolas Wijnants – Director WRH ecommerce/global marketing Barcelona, Spain

  • “I’d really like to thank you for the valuable coaching sessions we have had. They have helped me to make sense of a period of great change and upheaval in my life and to set clear goals and an action plan as to how to achieve those goals. As we have worked together over the past six months you have held me to account, challenged me (nicely!) and generally motivated and encouraged me to carry out the actions I have set myself to achieve my goals. As a result I am much happier and content in myself and have embarked on a new career as well as made some important changes in my personal life. Thank you again. I couldn’t have done it without you!”

    Heather David – Whole Life Experiences, UK 

  • Before I started coaching, my head was all over the place and I had so many things/ideas that I wanted to do and explore but wasn’t sure how to go about it and that’s when I decided to get some help and try coaching and I’m so glad I did.  The whole coaching process, having actions and working towards goals has really helped me to become much more organised, more confident and in control of my life and relationships. It has been particularly helpful with my new business and getting things moving productively, making me feel inspired and keeping me focused and also with my own personal growth.  Also, I felt I had a strong connection with Suzanne, she very understanding and she always made me feel at ease and the sessions were a really enjoyable experience and most importantly she really helped to motivate me and drive me forwards towards my goal.

    Stephanie Van Nierkerk – The Art of Languages Barcelona

  • “I think you are a great coach. Your presence alone and ability to listen and module your words and questions to what the person needs in that moment in time, is fantastic. There is something in the way you speak and listen which leaves the person who is with you with an urgency to do what they have to do, but without stress, more like with a desire, an urge to get on with the life you are meant to be living… 
    I know you have been studying and you have all the qualifications and experience but this is more like a gift and it comes so natural to you, you may not even be aware of it”

    Ilaria Di Fiore – Flamingo Therapy/Artist Eco Fashion, London

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discoaching is based in London and Barcelona – providing services worldwide