focusing the creative mind


Do you want to start dancing to the beat of your own drum?

Artistic picture of Suzanne Jumping

Do you want to:

  • Turn your creative/music project into your business?
  • Make a career jump to start working in an environment that’s more in tune with the real you?
  • Start doing it yourself – going it alone and working for yourself?

But something is stopping you from getting started…

Is your head spinning?

There is always so much going on inside our heads; it’s difficult to concentrate and focus. Our minds are pulled in a million directions and our ideas can be changing constantly…

Are you feeling you are

stuck in a groove and sounding like a broken record; hesitating as you don’t know how to move forward…

Whats stopping me?

losing your sense of rhythm; demotivated and lacking confidence…

Why can’t I do this?

missing a beat and out of tune; confused and frustrated…

Why haven’t I done this yet?


How do I get there?

My name is Suzanne and I work with entrepreneurs and  creative & music professionals.  I can help focus your creative mind and bring more D.I.S.C.O (direction, inspiration, success, confidence, optimism) into your life.  Helping you to turn your ideas and vision into your reality, so you can start dancing to the beat of your own drum.

Find out more about how I can help you through Creative Life/Business Coaching 

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